Psalm 16 – I Trust in You

Help One Another

In days of change, uncertainty, and wondering about the future we are in good company with the psalmist.  Today’s psalm expresses an unflagging trust despite hard circumstances.  In such times it is both helpful and important to write and announce your faith.  The biblical psalms are prayers that are meant to be adopted as our own, to be spoken with flavor.  I encourage you to read the psalm aloud, more than once, using it as a declaration of prayerful trust.

So, as I often do, here is my own translation of the psalm:

Protect me, God, because I run to you for safety.
I say repeatedly to the Lord, “You are my God.
    There is none above you. Without you, I’ve got nothing good.”
Now as for the high-mucky-mucks in charge,
    the folks I can get so excited about helping me;
     they’ve got some big hurt coming to them
        because they rush to ignore you, thus, ignoring me.
There’s no way I’m participating in anything with them;
    I won’t even dignify them by saying their names.
You, Lord, are the cup I choose to drink from;
    you have me secure in your good strong hands.
With you, Lord, everything shakes-out beautifully;
    yes, indeed, I have a lovely home in you.

I will bless the Lord who gives me good counsel;
    even at night I am instructed
    in the depths of my mind.
I always put the Lord smack in front of me;
    there’s no way I’m going to stumble because God is right here beside me.
That’s why everything within me rejoices and my spirit celebrates;
    yes, my whole body will sleep well tonight in divine confidence
     because you won’t abandon my life to the grave; you won’t let your faithful follower see the pit of hell.

You will keep me on the right path.
    In your presence is satisfying joy.
Beauty continually surrounds you, forever and ever.  Amen.

Click In Christ Alone by Stuart Townsend and beautifully arranged by David Wesley.

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