Psalm 137

            On this side of heaven is a life full of love and heartbreak, celebration and lament, encouragement and insult.  It is a spiritually schizophrenic existence of both a kiss of heaven, and a taste of hell.  We live in a fundamentally broken world that is currently being reclaimed by God’s kingdom.  So, our emotions run the gamut from fun happiness to sheer sorrow.  Either way, especially through the difficult stretches of our lives, Christians are to tether themselves to their true home:  heaven.
            “If I forget you, let my right hand go limp.  Let my tongue stick to my mouth, if I don’t think about you above all else.”  The psalmist was speaking of Jerusalem, the city that represented the presence of God.  Being exiled to a foreign land, the Israelites were not to forget their real home.  The reality, for the believer in Jesus, is that heaven is our reality.  This present arrangement is like camping in a tent – it is a temporary home, and not our permanent residence.
            It is easy to forget our true home, which is why we need continual reminders of eternity’s scope.  We are not to get too familiar with our current living conditions.  Simple acts like looking up at the stars at night and/or gazing into the vast expanse of the day’s sky while walking the dog can be tangible reminders that we are meant for larger things, for the embrace of heaven.  Put your life in the perspective of your true home, and build your treasure there.


            Sovereign Lord, may your blessing be with those who embrace heaven as a way to impact the earth and all its inhabitants.  Let me be in awe of your large kingdom work and prepare me for the eternal, through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

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