Matthew 20:29-34

            The word “irony” is a term used to describe an outcome of an event that is different from expectation.  For example, my family doctor’s name when I was growing up was “Dr. Fail.”  In today’s Gospel lesson, two blind men are healed by Jesus and can see.
            Please take a little time and read the short account over a few times and ponder these three ironic observations from the story:
·     —A large crowd followed Jesus, but only two persons are his actual followers.
·     — Out the large crowd, it is two blind men that actually see Jesus for who he is.
·     —The crowd following Jesus was actually trying to keep the two needy blind men from Jesus.
Although Jesus was surrounded by lots of people, he was attentive to two non-descript men.  He was listening for them.  He responded to them.  He touched them.  Listening, responding, and touching were the ways Jesus blessed people.  We, also, need to have our spiritual eyes wide open to see the great need of lost people around us who need our listening ear, our responsive selves, and our caring touch.  May it be so to the praise of Jesus.


Gracious Lord Jesus, you heal those who cry out to you.  Help me to be like you and be aware of those around me who need your healing touch so that they might know the wonder of following you.  Amen.

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