2 Corinthians 4:16-5:5

            One of the first visits I had in my current place of ministry was an elderly woman toward the end of her life.  She had lived a full and blessed existence.  But her body was tired and at its end.  She knew what it meant to have her outer-self waste away.  But she also knew the experience of her inner-self being renewed day-by-day.  As she struggled to even speak to me, I came close to her in order to listen well:  “I am ready to go home to my Lord,” she said, “but I will wait my turn.”
            Things we can see are temporary; things which are unseen are eternal.  One simply cannot put a price on the value of the soul.  In this life we groan with all the sufferings that go with living in a fallen world.  But God is preparing for us a dwelling that makes our existence now look like a rustic camping trip.  When we have our minds set on the eternal it gives us the endurance we need to wait our turn until God calls us to our permanent home.
            Seen from this perspective, it is truly foolish to put all our eggs in the earthly basket.  If there is really a home beyond the grave, then it only makes spiritual sense to spend our time here on earth getting ready for eternity.  Knowing that we have a heavenly dwelling awaiting us ought to cause us to lay aside our personal pettiness about every little thing, our snide snotty-ness toward others, and our indifference toward lost people who need to hear that there is deliverance from sin, death, and hell through the cross of Christ.  Are you ready to go home?


            Eternal God, you have seen countless people come and go on this old earth.  I am only one of billions, yet you are preparing a place for me.  Thank you for the gift of life through Jesus Christ my Lord, in whose name I am bold to pray.  Amen.

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