Luke 13:18-21

            Seeds are small.  They seem quite unimpressive.  But we know better.  When planted, watered, and cultivated, those seeds turn into amazing plants.  Yet, it takes time.  The kingdom of God, Jesus told us, is like a mustard seed – a very small seed which can grow into a tree big enough for birds to nest.  Unlike the mighty Roman Empire, or our powerful national governments, the kingdom of God had humble beginnings and grows over time to become a force greater than anything the world can produce.
            While our world races on with the speed of the hare, Jesus is carefully and patiently building his church at the pace of a tortoise.  Yet, in the end, the kingdom of God will rule over all creation while the kingdoms of this world shall be no more.  Even though we live in a society where the quick, fast, and strong dominate, still the best things in life come as a result of tedious perseverance over a long period of time.  We as people are in such a hurry to accomplish our goals, make as much money as we can, and keep constant vigilance over our work, for what purpose?
            An old 20th century German theologian, Helmut Thielicke, reflected on the parables of Jesus and said:  “What an unspeakable comfort it is to know that in the midst of man’s mischief, in the midst of his scheming and bad speculations, his shaping and misshaping, his activism and his failures, there is still another stream of events flowing silently on, that God is letting his seeds grow and achieving his ends.”  Quiet, humble submission to King Jesus is at the heart of the kingdom.  God is working-out his purposes in and through us with all the care of the farmer expecting to eventually reap a harvest.


            Lord God, everlasting Father, you have brought me to this point in time.  Preserve me according to your unassuming power so that I might not be seduced by worldly might, nor be overcome by the rantings of politicians, but in all things daily direct me to the fulfilling of your purpose, through Jesus Christ, my Lord.  Amen.

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