Psalm 119:97-104

            We live in a wonderful, complex, beautiful, broken, and upside-down world.  The information we have access to, the choices we make, and the networking we engage in all require a great deal of wisdom.  Throw into the mix the reality that most things rarely go as we plan, and you have a recipe for disappointment and/or frustrating anger.  So, is there a path, a way of approaching this world that can help us navigate all of its twists and trials?  Well, yes, there is a light through it all.  And I will let today’s psalm, from the Contemporary English Version of the Bible, inform us of how to proceed:
I deeply love your Law!
I think about it all day.
98 Your laws never leave my mind,
and they make me much wiser
than my enemies.
99 Thinking about your teachings
gives me better understanding
than my teachers,
100 and obeying your laws
makes me wiser
than those
who have lived a long time.
101 I obey your word
instead of following a way
that leads to trouble.
102 You have been my teacher,
and I won’t reject
your instructions.
103 Your teachings are sweeter
than honey.
104     They give me understanding
and make me hate all lies.



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