Acts 4:1-12

            What is your motivation in life?  The answer to that question tells a lot about the person.  People are motivated by a lot of things:  to prove someone else wrong; to make a lot of money; to become famous; or, to help underprivileged kids in the inner city; to take on the problem of the world’s sex trade; to quietly make God known in everything.  As you well know, our motivations can be rather selfish, or quite altruistic.
            In today’s New Testament lesson, the Apostle Peter offered to the nation’s leaders his motivation for having a ministry of proclaiming Jesus and healing in his name.  Whereas the ruling religious authorities thought Jesus just another man, Peter’s conviction was that “only Jesus has the power to save!  His name is the only one in all the world that can save anyone.”
            What we actually do in life comes from our deepest motivations.  Peter’s actions of proclaiming the gospel through word and deed came from his deep wellspring of knowing and being motivated by the reality that only Jesus can deliver on life’s most pressing problem:  sin.
            Proper motivation comes from knowing Jesus.  If we lack pure motives, or a general lack of motivation, then the person to run to is Jesus.  When our deepest needs are met in Christ the supernatural by-product is a motivation to make Jesus known in every sphere of life.  May it be so, to the glory of God!


            Saving God, you have made your glory and grace known to me through your Son, the Lord Jesus.  May I know him better and better so that the motivations that impel me in life are pure, holy, righteous, and, above all, gracious.  Amen.

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