Matthew 6:19-24

            There is a reason why we now have laws about texting and driving.  Trying to do those two things at once has ended in far too many accidental deaths.  A text is not worth a life.  When it comes to Christianity, pursuing earthly wealth does not compare to the significance of heavenly wealth.  Trying to live in both worlds of amassing two different kinds of wealth at the same time doesn’t work well in the end.  We cannot practice God’s will and at the same time have a moonlighting job with the world.
            In order to communicate this principle, Jesus let us know that we must have an unswerving loyalty, a singular commitment, toward the kingdom of God.  The earthly treasures of power, position, pedigree, and professional acumen, not to mention our personal portfolios, are things that do not necessarily advance God’s kingdom.  We will not take them with us.  But using all the things of this world to nurture and build relationships is a good thing because only relationships are permanent.  We will take people with us.
            If we are genuinely committed to God’s kingdom, our most cherished values will be established by God.  How we use our possessions and our influence will be informed and determined by those values.  Maintaining a kingdom-orientation to our earthly lives doesn’t just happen – we must aim for it and pursue it.  Choose today which master you will serve:  God, or money.  Don’t be found texting and driving, and don’t be found trying to have ultimate allegiance to two different gods – they both lead to accidental deaths.


            Lord Jesus, you are the Master of the universe.  My entire life is yours.  Help me to use all that you have given me in this life toward kingdom ethics so that your merciful rule will extend to all kinds of people.  Amen.

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