Revelation 21:5-14

            “I am making everything new.”  This is the voice of the One seated on the throne.  In other words, this is God speaking.  This is only one of two places in the entire book of Revelation where God himself speaks directly and personally.  We are meant to take notice of the change in speaker so that we will pay special attention.
            The good news which is the marrow of Revelation’s message is that God’s business is making everything new.  It isn’t just something God does only at the end of time, but something that is already going on in this present age.  We are meant to understand that our contemporary experience is not merely a holding pattern until we reach heaven someday; rather, God is at work transforming lives, rooting-out systemic evil, establishing his will, and, well, making literally everything in his big world new.
            It is only human, at times, to lose hope and to wonder if things will ever be different.  But there is hope because God is patiently, mercifully, and lovingly restoring all things to their original Garden of Eden luster.  His words are true and can be trusted.  So, write it down and don’t forget it.  Put it in your journal and come back to it again and again.  “I am making everything new” is the Christian’s mantra in a time of uncertainty and of trial.


            Renewing God, your home is with your people.  Make your home with me and renovate my life in an extreme makeover so that I can dwell with you forever; through Jesus Christ, my Lord.  Amen.

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