Psalm 63:1-8

            The psalms are not just some nice ancient poems and songs about David and Israel; they are prayers which are still alive with the potential to connect us with God.  I sometimes personally like to contemporize the psalms so that I have before me a prayer which I can lift again and again to God in the midst of my own wilderness experiences.  Today’s psalm was crafted by David before he was king and was on the run from King Saul in the desert.  Here is my take on this psalm:
O God, you are my God; I’m putting all my effort into seeking you;
            my soul is thirsty for you;
my body is weak looking for you,
            like in a desert where there is no water.
I am no stranger to you because I have seen you work before,
            and I have gotten a glorious glimpse of your power in the past.
I have experienced that your steadfast love is better than life itself,
            and I now bank on those times and praise you despite my trouble.
I choose to keep on remembering you and blessing your holy name;
            In the mighty name of Jesus I will lift up my hands in praise, even if it looks weird to others.
I know that my soul will be satisfied in you, just like when I get a medium rare T-bone steak and sweet corn;
            and I will use my mouth to praise you with joy, no matter the circumstances,
when I remember you on my bed and can’t sleep,
            and meditate on your crazy good grace as I lie there with my eyes wide open;
for you have always been my help,
            and sitting on your lap I will be supremely confident and sing for joy.
Oh, my soul clings to you through this trial;


            and your mighty hand upholds me.  Amen.

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