Romans 2:1-11

            God shows not partiality.  He is right and just is all of his dealings with people.  The Lord judges all persons, no matter their race or ethnicity, economic status or social standing, according to their hearts and deeds.
            This means that none of us as Christians can rest on our laurels simply because we have made a confession of Christ.  We are not exempt or given a pass on any of our sin.  In a time when decrying the moral condition of our world is nearly a spectator sport, this Epistle text for today reminds us that we must be concerned for the condition of our own hearts before we can point the finger at another.
            We all equally stand in need of God’s grace in Jesus.  There is a symbiotic relationship between our actions and the state of our hearts.  A soft and tender heart toward God leads to obedience; disobedience hardens the heart and leads to God’s wrath, no matter the individual.
            So, we must all faithfully engage in daily spiritual practices which keep our hearts attentive and alert to God’s will and way.  No matter how busy we are, or how we feel, to forego or ignore the Word of God and prayer on a regular basis will slowly calcify our hearts and render them unable to respond rightly to grace.  Instead, we must drink deeply of the gospel throughout every day so that we may experience peace.
            O God, thank you for the gift of prayer and the grace of your Word.  May it seep deep down into my heart so that I am compassionate and kind, just like Jesus.  Amen.

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