Psalm 111

            One of the great things about the psalms is that they enlighten us about God.  To read and pray the psalter is to have a crash course in Theology 101.
We pray because we believe we will be heard.
We believe we will be heard because we believe there is a God who listens.
We believe there is a God who listens because we believe that the One who listens is always merciful, kind, and good.
The basis of all prayer is our view of God.  Nobody sustains a prayer life to a fickle distant God who is only attentive when he feels like it.  But if God is really God – fair, just, committed, and full of good deeds – then, prayer is an effortless interaction and we are eager to do so.
            Notice the descriptions of God in the psalm:
·         “Everything the LORD does is glorious and majestic”
·         “His power to bring justice will never end”
·         “He is kind and merciful”
·         “He always keeps His agreements”
·         “God is always honest and fair”
·         “He will never break his agreement”
The psalm concludes with the sage observation that the first step to wisdom and good sense is to respect and obey the LORD.  Because God is the very definition of gracious and tenacious loyalty, respect and obedience to Him is willing and joyful.  Entrusting oneself to a benevolent God who makes and keeps promises to His people is easy.  You don’t need to be coerced to have allegiance to such a God.; and, you don’t have to convince other people who God is – all you’ve got to do is declare the good things God has done for you.


Loyal and gracious God, you always keep your promises, and there is never a time when you renege on them.  Thank you for promising deliverance from sin, death, and hell through your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ who with you and the Holy Spirit benevolently reign forever and ever.  Amen.

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