Psalm 46

            We possess the unconditional presence of God.  Yes, there is never a time when God is not with us.  Wow! What a wonderful and radical thought.  But that’s not all!  God helps us.  He doesn’t just stand by and watch us squirm in tough situations.  Because God is present with you, He is able to help you in times of trouble.
            The psalms, as Hebrew poetry, were designed with a certain structure.  Unlike the way we arrange things with a thesis statement said right up front, Hebrew poetry has the most important statement smack in the middle of the psalm.  What comes before that statement is a growing crescendo that is meant to highlight the central idea.  Everything that comes after is the decrescendo pointing back to that idea.
            So, what do we have in the middle of this psalm? What is the important statement of truth that the psalmist wants to draw attention to?  “The LORD All-Powerful is with us.”  Boom!  This reality is meant to drop its weight on us so that we will feel the impact of God’s presence and power.
            Today is a good day to use the statement, “The LORD All-Powerful is with us,” as a point of thought, contemplation, and deep consideration.  When you’re waiting in line, driving in the car, in-between meetings, or just sitting at home, repeat that statement many times to yourself and to God.  Then, allow God’s Spirit to bring the truth of it home to the depths of your soul.  There is no better security, no better hope that to know that God is with us.


God Almighty, great upheaval in this world does not make you nervous because you are above it all.  Thank you that you are with me in all the great upheavals of my life, as well as all the little small things of adversity.  Even if all around me changes, you do not; through Christ my Savior.  Amen.

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