Psalm 124

           “Our help is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth.”  These are the words for which I begin nearly every worship service in church.  It is a call to worship the God who is above all and sees all – and can do something about all the adversity and trouble we face in the world.  When confronted with a new day, our attention must be arrested and directed in the positive way of acknowledging God. 
            Our ultimate help is in the Lord.  Our fears about the future, our insecurities of what will happen, and our anxieties about all of the upcoming stuff we must face can be transformed with the biblical perspective of acknowledging our need for God.  The Lord is our most prescient support.  That meeting you have been dreading; that conversation you have been avoiding; or, that deadline that has been looming over your head; these and all situations can only find their proper perspective in light of the God who helps.
            I am a big believer in making daily affirmations of faith in God.  That is, affirming the truth about God, even if I don’t feel like it, each and every day so that some solid robust theology is not only at the forefront of my mind, but that the attributes of God also sink firmly into my heart.  For faith does not simply come as a result of signing off on a checklist of beliefs.  Rather, faith arises as a response to the recognition that God is good – all the time – and that he helps those who look to him.


            Creator God, you are the One who provides everything I need for life and godliness.  I need your help today and everyday so that I can confidently do your will.  I stand in confidence because I serve the Lord Jesus, who is benevolent and always does what is right and just.  Amen.

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