Luke 1:1-4

            The season of Advent is almost upon us.  Advent is simply another word for “coming.”  During this liturgical season on the Christian Calendar, we rehearse the incarnation of Jesus, his coming to this earth as a baby.  Through this focus we anticipate Christ’s coming again in his Second Advent, at the end of the age.  As the secular world encroaches more and more into the sacred through a mere cultural assent to Christmas with its anticipation of gifts, food, and time off, the spiritual grounding of Advent is quite necessary for the Christian.
            It is appropriate, then, that today’s lectionary brings us to the beginning verses of Luke’s Gospel.  We are told that Luke set about the task of an historian, providing a first-hand account of Jesus Christ as well as researching primary sources to give a reliable and faithful narrative of the major redemptive events of Christ’s life and ministry.  The purpose of it all is to ground the believer in truth, and to orient the unbeliever into the vital components of God’s rescue mission of humanity.
            Let’s make it our goal to journey with Jesus in this next month by carefully and devotionally reading the daily lectionary so that we might be the recipients of God’s incredible story to us.  It would be helpful if you kept a journal of daily observations and thoughtful applications.  Yes, this takes the time of thought and reflection, but, then again, we are seeking to reverse the trend of the secular invading the sacred.  Who knows?  A fresh movement of the Spirit might stir up amongst us.


            Gracious God, thank you for neither abandoning nor obliterating humanity because of our terrible estrangement from you.  In this Advent season, lead us to Christ and save us from ourselves so that we might know the life that is truly life.  Amen.

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