Acts 7:44-53

            We are in the dog days of summer, just before school starting everywhere.  It is a good time to remind ourselves of where we are in the Christian Year, because this season also has its dog days in which we lose sight of what is important.  We have come through Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, and Easter, as well as Pentecost.  With the giving of the Spirit, we have entered Ordinary Time.  A healthy way of remembering this period in time is that, in this longest season of the Church Calendar, it is the ordinary vocation of every single Christian to grow in Christ and share the good news of Jesus with the world.
            But we forget.  We take our eyes off our calling.  Like the ancient Israelites for whom Stephen railed against in our New Testament lesson for today, we get stubborn and hard-headed.  We get lost in doing things our own way to the neglect of actually seeing what God wants.  And we end up doing damage to God’s people, God’s name, and God’s law.  We verbally decapitate God’s prophets who are calling us to holiness, and resist the Lord’s servants who are only trying to serve him.
            But we will only find ourselves fighting against God.  Every time we think we have piously figured things out, we will only discover that God is so much bigger than our puny thoughts and misguided practices.  What to do?  Let go of your illusion of power and privilege and submit afresh to the Lord for whom we must bow in all things.  If you can do that, then you are well on your way to seeing the only true God.


            Holy God, heaven is your throne and the earth your footstool.  You cannot be kept within any one church or any single place.  You are much too big for that!  Forgive me for my small thoughts of you.  I humble myself to you so that you can live in and through me for the sake of Jesus.  Amen.

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