Psalm 11

            It is part of the human condition that we will eventually take the brunt of someone’s poison darts.  If you have ever received a nasty e-mail based on half-truths and accusations; stood dumbfounded as someone hurled misinformation and criticism at you; and/or experienced the victimization that comes from slanderous and gossiping tongues, then the psalmist knows exactly how you feel.  “Those evil people have put their arrows on their bows, and they are standing in the shadows, aiming at good people.”
            To be the target of evil speech or actions is, at the least, unsettling, and, at worst, can bring years of struggle, depression, and inability to serve.  But there is another who sees it all, and he will address the wrong.  “The LORD is sitting in his sacred temple on his throne in heaven.  He knows everything we do because he sees us all….  The LORD always does right and wants justice done.  Everyone who does right will see his face.”  God will act because he “despises those who are cruel and love violence.”
            In other words, it is not a good idea to get on God’s bad side.  The way to flare God’s anger is by possessing an acerbic tongue; relishing in the verbal violence; and, having no remorse about any of it.  Because God loves people, he hates wickedness.  The righteous are to take solace in the truth that God really does see the harm done, and is in a position to do something about it.  Like the psalmist, we run to the Lord and trust in his ultimate judgment.


            God of justice, look at the state of your servant and act on my behalf.  Do not let evil prevail, but bury the ungodly so that they can no longer do any harm.  In Jesus’ Name I pray.  Amen.

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