Luke 12:22-31

            Let’s be as real and honest as we possibly can before God, because there is no way we are ever going to fool him, anyway.  We all worry.  Some folks might worry more than others, but worry is endemic to the human condition.  Telling someone not to worry (which we are in the obnoxious habit of doing with each other) is about as helpful as barking at another person about having hemorrhoids – it just isn’t going to do much good.  So, what do we do about worry?  We change the conversation and put the priority not on ourselves, but on God.  Jesus told a group of worry-warts to “put on God’s work first” (verse 31, CEV).
            We inevitably worry because we do not put the context of our concern in the realm of how really big God is in the world.  Here is some Jesus logic:  Birds and flowers don’t worry much, and are well cared for.  Birds and flowers aren’t as important as people.  Therefore God will take care of you.  So, then, our emphasis is to shift toward the ability of God, rather than our inability.  And this is right where Jesus wants us – recognizing that we are not self-sufficient independent automatons who are meant to function by themselves without ever needing help.
            Now we are the nub of the issue:  We don’t like being dependent.  We’ll do most anything other than admit we need help.  Sound familiar?  Here is some more Bible logic:  We need Jesus.  The church is the Body of Christ.  Therefore we need the church.  Some of us are more than ready to cry out to God, but have no intention of admitting any need to a group of people who might misunderstand or judge us.  We would rather worry.
            It’s time to get off the roller coaster and put our feet on the ground of God’s work, which is the church in the world.  We can run all we want, but we’ll never outrun worry or the reality that Jesus is tied forever to his church.  So, turn around, face them both squarely, and see what that kind of faith does in your life.


            Compassionate God, I believe I can trust you for everything, including my nagging worries.  Today I choose to take steps of faith in the understanding I have of you and the Body of Christ, and confront my worry in Jesus’ Name.  Amen.

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