Matthew 10:16-25

            “I am sending you like lambs into a pack of wolves,” said Jesus to his disciples.  Sometimes we completely lose sight that Jesus was a troublemaker and warned us about there being trouble for us in the world.  It’s not that Jesus was intentionally pressing everyone’s buttons; he was just being himself, and that sent a whole lot of people gnashing their teeth at him.  Our Lord Christ got all up into people’s grill and confronted them with the bold assertion that people can only be rightly related to God through himself, on his terms.
            Therefore we should expect opposition and trouble.  We ought to expect that we are going to disrupt and upset our families, our co-workers, and those around us.  It’s not that we are intentionally obnoxious; by simply loving Jesus and seeking to follow him we are going to upset people – and that’s okay.  Facing trouble is really not the worst thing to be experienced; to be separated from God is the most terrible thing that could ever happen to us.
            It’s okay to rock the boat, shake the tree, upset the fruit basket, stir the pot, and make waves if you are doing it because you are committed to God’s will.  So, count the cost.  Give your life away.  In doing so, you will actually find it.


            Holy God, you are jealous for your Name to be honored and adored.  My life is yours.  Use it for your glory in this fallen world.  If trouble and persecution occur, I’ll consider it a privilege to suffer for Jesus.  Amen.

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