Luke 8:40-56

            Today’s Gospel lesson is a classic story of Christ healing a chronically ill woman of her suffering, and raising a deal girl back to life.  This is Jesus the Healer and Miracle Worker doing what he does so well – bringing new life to people.  What these accounts have in common with all of the other chronicles of Christ’s miracles is that they occur with Jesus as the object of faith.  It isn’t about the level of people’s faith, but about where that faith is placed.  Faith itself means nothing if it isn’t in Jesus.  Only Jesus can do the miraculous of healing, transforming, and saving people.
            In each healing narrative, the person’s need and desperation (poverty of spirit) were the necessary first steps on the road of faith.  Faith always begins with the acknowledgment of need.  You and I need Jesus.  If Jesus came to seek and to save the lost, he will do it.  If Jesus came to change lives, he will accomplish it.  If Jesus is the living Lord of the church, he will hear your humble and heartfelt petition.  So, pray!
            Come to Jesus, and pray.  Pray without ceasing.  Pray for your children, your friends, your neighbors, and your co-workers.  Pray for healing, and pray for deliverance.  I know there are people and situations in which it seems there is no hope, or that nothing will ever be different.  But Jesus is trustworthy, and he always keeps true to his mission.  All who come to Jesus receive a changed life – and that is what I bank on.


            Surprising God, you do amazing things in people’s lives.  You specialize in the impossible.  Work in my life to make me holy and set apart for you, to be a conduit of blessing to others here on earth until Jesus comes again.  Amen.

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