Luke 1:46-55

            I like it that the lectionary has a traditional Christmas text in the daily readings at this time of year.  We are now in the post-Pentecost season of “Proper Time,” that is, it is the proper season of all Christians to avail themselves of the gift of the Holy Spirit through sharing the gospel, proclaiming the grace of God, and declaring the great things God has done and is doing.
            Mary’s song of praise, having grasped the reality that she is pregnant with the Messiah, affirms that “God All-Powerful has done great things for me, and his name is holy.  He always shows mercy to everyone who worships him.”  It strikes me that Mary, instead of being full of worry and afraid of the future, and as an unmarried teen with child, is full of the Spirit and faith.  Mary doesn’t complain or fret; she praises God and is clear-headed about his gracious nature.
            God is full of grace, mercy, and power to those who are powerless and in need of help.  It’s what he does.  He’s got this.  Perhaps if we all, both individually and corporately as churches, used our words to identify and declare the great things God has done, rather than bemoaning all that isn’t right, we would realize the blessing of the Lord.  Take some time today to journal the ways in which God has been good to you this week, and praise him for each act of mercy.  Mary didn’t succumb to learned helplessness, but had her heart calibrated to detect the grace of God when it was present.


            Great and mighty God, I will praise you with all my heart.  You care for me and always show mercy to those who worship you.  Fulfill all your good promises in me, and in all your people, for the sake of your Son, the Lord Jesus.  Amen.

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