Acts 1:1-11

            This is Ascension Day.  It is the fortieth day after Easter, and marks the time when Jesus was taken up to heaven right in front of his disciples’ eyes.  It is rather unfortunate that Christ’s ascension often gets overlooked.  When getting into the book of Acts, this redemptive event of Jesus may get quickly passed over to get to the supposedly juicier parts of thousands being converted and apostolic miracles taking place.
            But this Christ event is loaded with significance on its own merits.  Since Christ has ascended and is sitting at the right hand of the Father, he intercedes for us and prays on our behalf for us.  The ascension reminds us of the hope that we, too, will experience bodily resurrection.  Christ’s ascension means that he is the sovereign ruler who reigns in heaven.  Unpacking each of these grand theological truths is a treasure trove of help for the contemporary believer.
            So, today, let us remember the ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Let us keep in mind and not forget that since Jesus is our risen and ascended Lord, we no longer have to fear or be controlled by sin, death, and hell.  Let us retain the memory of Jesus ascending in the clouds so that we will continually anticipate his coming again by telling everyone about him in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Lord Jesus, you are the crucified, risen and ascended King of the universe.  I humbly submit to your benevolent and merciful rule and pray that many will have the spiritual eyes to see your truth and reality.  Amen.

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