Psalm 20

            We place our trust in things and other people every day.  We trust the chair to hold us up when we sit down; we trust the grocery store will be open when we go to it; and, we trust people to keep the promises they make to us.  Yet, we have all had the experience of something breaking on us when we sat on it; a store being closed when we went to it; and, someone not following through with what they said they would do for us.  There is a difference between lesser trust and ultimate trust.  If we place ultimate trust in things and people other than God, then we will be the most miserable of people because they will all let us down at some point. 
            The psalmist lets us know where our ultimate trust must be firmly placed:  “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.”  It is part of the human experience to be disappointed and let down by others.  Discouragement is only exacerbated exponentially into paranoia if our ultimate trust rests on chariots and horses, that is, in a more contemporary rendering, military technology and lots of tanks, planes, and weapons.  If security and peace of mind is measured by the systems and staff we put in place, then it will never be enough and we will continually be looking over our shoulder.  But if our faith is solid in God, then the constant angst of the election season and the forebodings of news media outlets will not shake us and cause us to collapse under the worried strain.
            There is nothing wrong with keeping up with the news and latest events.  There is, however, something wrong with looking at those events through a sub-biblical lens as if God were not sovereign in the world.  There is nothing wrong with expecting others to keep their promises.  There is, however, something wrong with treating them as if they are little gods who must pander to the demands of me, the constituent.  Psalm 20 is available for us to read and pray as much as we need to, in order that our worldview can stretch to believe in the ultimate trust of God.


            God Almighty, you reign supreme over all nations and all people.  There is no threat too serious, no situation too dire that you are unable to deal with in grace and power.  I place today my ultimate trust in you, knowing and believing that you are always good for your promises through Jesus Christ.  Amen.

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