Psalm 91:1-2, 9-16

             I had a flashback today when I read today’s psalm.  My wife’s Grandma was a godly woman.  She raised five children in depression-era America, and it was not an easy life.  She had seen her share of hardship and difficulty.  By the time I met Grandma she was elderly and in the twilight of life.  Yet, none of the hard life she experienced had hardened her – she had an unmistakable sweet spirit.  In my first meeting with Grandma I read her this very psalm because it was her favorite.  As I read the beautiful words of God’s protection and watch-care over his people, the look on Grandma’s face was as if I was reading it to her for the first time.  She drank in its message and savored every word.
             Grandma has been gone now for decades, but her legacy lives on.  My wife, to put it delicately, was something of an ornery kid.  Grandma prayed for her, along with her other grandchildren, every day.  Today my wife is a godly woman, just like her Grandma.  And it is no surprise to me that her favorite psalm is Psalm 91.  
             What kind of spiritual legacy are we leaving for our kids, grandchildren, friends, and others?  The times of testing, danger, risk, and hardship are the opportunities to put trust in God into practice.  It is in such seasons that we can run to the Lord as our refuge and fortress, our shelter and our shade.  In doing so, the impact is not only personal but shows the way for others, as well.
             Watchful God, you are my protection and my strength.  I run to you because you are able to deliver and to secure.  I pray for all those in who need your special help and protection today.  May they know that you are able to save through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

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