Matthew 2:1-12

            This date, January 6, of every year is a very significant day in the Christian Year – it is the day in which we as Christians intentionally recognize and celebrate the glorious truth that God’s Son was not only given to the Jews, but to Gentiles, as well.  This day is known as “Epiphany.”  Epiphany simply means “appearance” or “manifestation.”  Epiphany is the realization that the incarnation of Jesus involves a great deal more than Christmas; it brings a vision, a revelation, and an epiphany of God’s glory to every nation, people-group, and person on the face of the earth.
            The event that most represents and symbolizes Epiphany is the visit of the Magi to Jesus.  God, in his grace and mercy, made known to a group of Gentile astrologers that something of great importance was taking place.  A sign and light was given to them, leading them to Christ, the King.  Indeed, it is only through God’s gracious revelation of light to us that we are led to Jesus and receive the salvation that brings life, peace, and hope.
            Sometimes we forget and lose sight of what is really important in life.  We move at such breakneck pace and bind ourselves with such busy-ness that to stop and connect with life itself is not even a thought in our heads.  Yet, it is imperative that we look up into the sky and see a bright star in the east leading us, even beckoning us, to the Christ for whom all the universe hinges.  What do we really and truly need in life?  We need a Savior.  He has come.  He has been revealed.  Thanks be to God.


            God of light, you shine brightly and call us to your Son, King Jesus.  Today I celebrate your grace and goodness displayed in leading me to Yourself.  Thank you for salvation and life in Christ.  Continue to open my eyes so that I might see your love and truth.  Amen.

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