2 Chronicles 1:7-13

             Wisdom is a word that is not often used in normal conversation.  It does not typically arise in talking about a politician, a businessman, or even a church leader.  “Oh, the Congressman is so wise!” “Isn’t that CEO a wonderfully sage person?”  “My Pastor is full of wisdom!”  You might even be laughing at this point because these kinds of statements just aren’t part of our daily interactions with others.  We are more likely to say that somebody is full of something else other than wisdom.  But all the aforementioned statements could be said about King Solomon.  He was wise – the wisest man that ever lived.
             Wisdom is the ability to put truth into practice.  It is to see everything and everyone from God’s perspective.  Wisdom is to have a solid knowledge base with the skill set to use it for godly and constructive purposes.  And Solomon had a load of it.  But the really important thing to note from today’s Old Testament lesson is how Solomon obtained such wisdom.  It came from God.  Solomon asked for it, and he got it.
             The Apostle James tells us in the New Testament that if any of us lacks wisdom we should ask God, who gives generously without finding fault and it will be given to him.  Maybe the reason why so many persons today are not immediately characterized as being wise is because they rely on their own ingenuity and hard work; asking for wisdom is not even on their mind.  But in a world of dire straits where significant problems often overshadow effective solutions, wisdom is needed more than ever.
             Like Solomon of old, ask for wisdom and knowledge from God.  We all are in some position of governing others, whether it is being a parent, a church leader, or in charge of something at work.  We all need wisdom.  Just ask.  In every circumstance ask God for the ability to know the truth and put it into practice.
             Wise God, you know all things and how everything works.  Give me wisdom and knowledge so that your purposes and plans might be accomplished in and through me for every situation to the glory of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

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