Psalm 148

             The Church Calendar tells us that we are in the fourth day of the twelve days of Christmas.  The time between Christmas Day and Epiphany each year is twelve days.  Whereas during Advent the church anticipates the coming of Christ, the season of Christmas is a grand celebration of the Christ Child.  While those who keep secular time are experiencing a worldly hangover of fickle disappointment with presents and a gnawing in the gut that a single day of celebration is over, the church lingers in her joy over God’s grace in Christ.
             Praise is the currency of the divine economy.  Believers in Jesus deal in it just as a broker immerses himself in the stock market.  But it isn’t only Christians who celebrate; all of creation praises the God of heaven who has wonderfully given us Jesus.  All of creation is summoned to praise the Lord.  Yet, not everything has breath in it to do so.  Therefore God has raised his people to speak on behalf of the creation to do the job of praise.
             Here is an exercise to try the next time you take the dog for a walk or are spending time outdoors:  look at the trees, the rocks, and the elements of creation around you and imagine what they would say to God in praise if they had the breath to do it.  Speak for the creation.  Give it a voice.  Then, later imagine what you can say to God on behalf of people who do not or cannot praise him; be their voice.  Picturing all creation and every creature praising God can give a new and fresh form to how we relate to God, others in need of Jesus, and creation which needs proper care.
             Mighty God, I give you thanks for the gift of your Son, the Lord Jesus.  I, along with all creation, praise your glorious name for extending the grace of salvation to us in Christ.  May I open the gift given me every day throughout the year so that praise continually arises from my soul to the glory of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

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