Psalm 37:12-22

            Perspective is everything.  When an ornery cuss swears at us, a group of people think the worst of us, or an organization takes advantage of us, not to mention wars, poverty, human trafficking, and a host of victimization around the globe in which evil seems to be winning, we might feel like crumbling under the weight of evil in the world.  But when we add God to the mix, it changes everything.
            The vantage of the psalmist is that all this malevolent plotting that exists can’t even begin to stand up to the large sovereignty of God.  “The Lord laughs at the wicked, for he sees that his day is coming.”  It is almost as if we get the picture of some puny bugs on the ground making nefarious plans, completely oblivious to the hugeness of God that towers over them.  They are about to be squished but are too busy going about their puny business to look up and see what is coming.  The bugs are totally powerless in the face of such an awesome presence.
            We as human beings become much too discouraged far too easily.  The remedy is to be filled with a robust theology that discerns God as far above all our problems and situations.  No matter how ominous the machinations of sin array against us, the believer is assured that God is in control and that, in the end, the wicked will get their comeuppance.  No earthly power, no clever person, and no human organization can ever go toe to toe with the gargantuan God we serve.  Put all your circumstances beside this God and see if it changes your perspective.
            Mighty God, you bless those who are dedicated to you, and you put down those who rage against you.  Fortify my spirit and let me see just the train of your robe, and I will glimpse the large grandeur of your glory.  Let me know Jesus Christ risen and ascended far above all principalities and powers of this earth.  Amen.

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