2 Chronicles 29:1-19

             Hezekiah was a faithful king, coming from a long line of faithless ones.  After becoming king, his first act of business was to thoroughly cleanse the temple.  Since the kings before him did not treat the temple as sacred, they defiled it by introducing practices of other gods and by sheer neglect of the holy implements.  Hezekiah assembled an impressive team of men to set about the task of getting the temple to the place where it could again be used as it ought.  The team of Levites meticulously took their time and worked diligently to consecrate the house of the LORD, and tossed everything unholy into the brook Kidron.
             Perhaps there is no better passage of Scripture than this to embody what the season of Lent is really all about.  We are to do the holy work of carefully consecrating our hearts so that our lives are prepared and ready for the new life of Easter.  It is hard and courageous work.  Just as Hezekiah had the bravery to uphold the temple’s true purpose through cleansing it, so we are to have the courage to enter the shadowy places of our hearts and bring out the sin within.  It is not a pretty process, but a necessary one.
             One of the greatest needs that believers have today is the courage to be vulnerable, to expose and bring into the light our besetting sins so that they can be tossed into the brook and be carried away.  Instead of spending inordinate amounts of energy and time trying to hide our true selves, it is much better to let the example of Hezekiah clear a path forward by confronting the darkness within.
             Holy God, my life is a temple of your Holy Spirit.  I invite you to come in and do the sort of cleansing work that needs to be done so that my words and actions are thoroughly consecrated to you.  Help me to have the courage to go to the places within that scare me.  In the name of Jesus I pray.  Amen.

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