Luke 19:41-44

             Soon Ash Wednesday and the six weeks of Lent will be upon us.  It is a season of understanding our mortality, eschewing our pride, and repentance through fasting and spiritual disciplines.  If we care to walk in the way of Jesus, we will be attentive to how he responded to sin and degradation around him.  When he first entered Jerusalem after his “triumphal entry” Jesus did not exult in his kingly status, but broke down and wept.
             There is not any more peace today than there was in the days Christ walked the earth.  While we take triumphal stances and proclaim biblical authority against all the perceived evils of the world (and they seem to shift with whatever particular Christian group you are in) there remains a profound lack of lament in the tradition of Jesus.  Indeed, there is so little grieving over the fact that Christians do not grieve that perhaps our doom looms larger and closer than we think.
             Until we can weep with Jesus over the things in the church and the world that divide us and bring animosity, we can expect only the judgment to come.  Until grace becomes the word and the practice that truly characterizes our identity and permeates everything we do, there will be a Christ who stands and sheds tears, grieving over our lost condition.
             Grieving God, I stand with you in your concern for the church and the world.  Open my eyes and ears to my own pride and selfishness so that I might turn from sin and move toward grace.  Create revival among your people, and may it begin with me.  Amen.

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