Psalm 50:1-6

            Today’s psalm begins to anticipate the upcoming Transfiguration Sunday.  As Jesus was changed on the mountain with the on-looking disciples, we get a glimpse of Christ in all his glory.  We see that our Lord Jesus is worthy to be king of all creation.  Therefore we may throw all of our trust, commitment, and adoration onto the rightful ruler who is in control of everything.
             So, then, this psalm helps prepare us by not only seeing the sovereign God in a position of majesty but we can know that Jesus is the mighty Judge.  The implication of the psalm is that since God is high above the entire universe that we as his covenant people have the responsibility of remaining faithful to his stipulations.  
             Wherever there is an anemic or apathetic devotion to God, there you will find an inability to see God in his glory.  In other words, theology is the answer for people who either cannot or will not devote themselves fully to the God of the Bible.  We serve a big God, and even seeing a sliver of that hugeness is enough to propel us through life until King Jesus returns.  Perhaps we all need, like the disciples of old, a mountain top experience in which we have a vision of what God is really like.
             Mighty God, the One who does not keep silent but commands wind and waves, fire and storm, let me see a glimpse of your glory so that I might know you not only in my head but my heart, as well.  Amen.

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