Psalm 27

            The message of the Advent season is perfectly and succinctly encapsulated in the last verse of this real and raw psalm:  “Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!  Oh, how impatient we can be as people!  Not only do we anticipate the celebration of Christmas with the coming Christ child, but we long for deliverance, courage, help, strength, and, of course, patience.
            This verse is much needed to fortify us for hope.  Whatever it is that we desire to see realized – the return of a wayward son or daughter; revitalization and revival within the church; courage to face the high wall of adversity; protection and deliverance from mean-spirited people – whatever the situation we long for, patience is to be our breakfast every morning to help us through each day.
            Without the ability to wait upon the Lord we will lose our spiritual zeal and settle for a mediocre existence with tepid relationships.  But God desires much more than simply having a marriage in which two people only exist under the same roof; his will is for church to be much more than attendance and putting some money in the offering place once in a while; he sent his Son to bring reconciliation to the broken relationship with the person that only offers small talk and platitudes.  No, rather than lose heart we must be strengthened with patience that comes from daily hope.  Persevering in prayer and tediously laboring on obeying the revealed will of God is our work while we wait upon God.
            O God Almighty, from whom all blessings flow, I am weary and emotionally exhausted.  Lift me up.  Do not let the enemy triumph over me.  I patiently wait upon your deliverance and your blessing, through Jesus Christ my Lord in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

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