Luke 21:34-38

            We are now in the first season of the year on the Christian Calendar – the time of Advent.  Advent literally means “anticipation” as we anticipate Christmas, the coming of Jesus the Messiah.  While we wait, we pray.  Jesus himself tells us to “watch yourselves… stay awake at all times, praying….” The reality of our lives is that there is no patience apart from prayer.  Show me an impatient person and I will show you a person who has little discipline for prayer.  But show me a patient person and I will show you a person given to prayer in all circumstances for all kinds of matters.
            This season of the year, despite all of its secular busyness and rush, is one of the most ideal times in the Christian Calendar to reconnect with a disciplined prayer life.  Many Christians throughout the world desire more of God than a once-a-day quiet time; they want their entire lives to be a continual offering of prayer and connection with Jesus the Messiah.  If one is not in the habit of punctuating each day with short designated times of prayer, perhaps beginning with taking the time in both the morning and evening to intentionally read Scripture, sing, and pray might be the place to start.  More outgoing persons may want to recruit others to participate with them.  However it is done, let this Advent season be the reconnecting with prayer that so many long for.
            O God, you know I desire to know Jesus better.  Please show more of yourself to me in this Advent season.  Help me to persevere in prayer as I anticipate your glorious coming.  Amen.

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