1 Thessalonians 4:1-18

            I ate a lot of food yesterday on Thanksgiving Day.  I watched a lot of football.  I slept.  I spent time with family.  And it was all good.  It was, in fact, holy work.  Sometimes we may get this misguided notion that purity and holiness only has to do with activities that take place in a church building, or special works like serving at a homeless shelter.  But in these verses from Thessalonians, as well as the whole of Scripture, there is really no secular/sacred dichotomy.
God has not called us to impurity, but in holiness in all of life in every activity we do. We have not been designed by our Creator to live in any old way we want, but we have been set apart and called by God to walk along the road of purity and peace.  The way in which we use our minds, wills, emotions, and bodies are of much interest and great concern to God Almighty.  In other words, God cares about food and whether I eat to his glory and give thanks; or, whether I have no interest in those that are hungry but just stuff as much turkey as I can in my distended stomach.  God cares about whether I take time for rest and Sabbath and whether I just isolate myself in mindless TV watching for hours.  God cares about the content of my conversations with my family and friends – whether my words are encouraging and building-up others, or whether they are slanderous, gossipy, and just not helpful.
Everything in all creation belongs to God – including me and everything I do.  God cares about all of life’s activities and leisure time.  Whether tying our shoes or teaching a Sunday School class, it is all to be done with a sense of holiness and connection to the God that makes it all possible.  Jesus will return someday.  So let us engage in all kinds of good works, whether little or large, with the time and talents God has graciously given us. 
Lord God, I belong to you – set apart and sanctified so that I may always walk in holiness and please you in everything I do.  Help my life today to reflect the purity you have given me through your Son, the Lord Jesus.  May he be glorified through me now and always.  Amen.

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