2 Chronicles 34:1-7

            Josiah started out as a boy king.  Evidently, he had some good training because by the time he became a teenager, Josiah was raring and ready to exercise his kingship in the best sense of leadership.  After generations of kings before him who followed other gods, Josiah committed himself fully to Israel’s one true God.  And, as a twenty-year old king, he showed the real muster of his reign.
            Josiah took charge to do what was right in the eyes of God – no matter the consequences.  He did not just worship God, but aggressively took active steps to rid his kingdom of all the false gods that permeated the land.  Josiah did not stick his toe in the water to test what the response might be to removing a high place of Baal or an Asherah pole; he jumped right in and put his entire kingship on the line.  All of the power brokers who were dealing in false gods could not have been happy about this turn of events in Judah.  But any kind of pushback did not prevent Josiah from doing what was right in the eyes of the Lord by eradicating idol worship.
            Josiah’s clear sense of purpose led him to do the things he did.  He had a direction from God in order to lead people back to God.  This is not only an ancient purpose; God is still in the kingdom business of bringing all of his creation back under his rule and reign.  It still remains the purpose of God’s people to lead others, caught in the web of idolatry, back to the one true God.  Like the ancients before us, there is still a need to exercise courage and confidence in following God by making disciples who will worship him alone.  Reconnecting with our overarching purpose in life is quite necessary in order to take bold steps of faith in this idolatrous world.


            Holy God, you alone are the Sovereign of the universe.  Expose the things in my life that I might be trusting in other than you.  Wean me away from evil, and bend my heart and mind to truth and good.  Help me to be aggressive in my Christian walk so that I will follow Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, leading others to faith along the way.  Amen.