Colossians 2:6-15

            My wife is always good about speaking with children in a way that is uplifting, encouraging, and dignified.  I have learned from her that bending down to talk with kids, taking an interest in their words and lives, and paying careful attention to them solidifies their sense of worth, identity, and belonging.  How we treat kids in the family, the church, and in public can make a huge difference in the trajectory of how they will grow up.
             One of the most fundamental of all Christian truths is that we belong to Christ.  We are his children, and God has given us everything we need for a solid awareness of our true identity.  The follower of Jesus is a person who has moved from the realm of being in the world to the sphere of being in Christ.  The Christian’s knowledge, understanding, and sense of identity are vitally important because we as people live up to how we view ourselves.  
Today’s New Testament lesson is dense with the teaching of who we are in Christ.  We are to walk or follow in Christ; we are rooted and built up in Christ; we have been filled in Christ; we have a spiritual circumcision in Christ; we have been raised in Christ to new life; we are triumphant in Christ.  All this is meant to saturate us with the richness and security of being in the realm of Jesus Christ.
Take ten minutes today and focus on one of the phrases or words from these verses.  Think about its meaning.  Ponder how it makes a difference in your Christian life.  Then decide what you will do with the insight God gives you.  Finally, share it with a friend.  In all these ways we can push the truth of our identity firmly into our souls and live into the reality that we belong to Christ.
Gracious God, you have brought me from death to life, from being of the world to being in Christ.  Solidify my sense of identity with Jesus, and release that self-knowledge into loving practice toward others.  Amen.

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