Psalm 113

            When my firstborn daughter was an infant, I was a busy seminarian as well as working a job.  I did not have a lot of discretionary time on my hands.  Yet, I could stand over the crib of my beautiful little bundle of a girl for long stretches of time without ever thinking about all my responsibilities.  Whenever she awoke I would speak to her in that kind of baby talk that only a doting father can do.  I imagine that God looks at us in much the same way, as well as speaking and acting toward us in ways we can understand.
            Just as parents interact on a level in which their kids can understand, so God condescends and stoops to our level in order to help us.  “Who is like the LORD our God, who is seated on high, who looks far down on the heavens and the earth?”  God notices.  He looks at us with lovingkindness and seeks our best interests.  “He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap.”  The divine condescension of God is a beautiful thing because without it we would be like a helpless baby.
            This psalm of praise to God celebrates how the Sovereign of the universe notices and acts.  We are meant to remember the great deeds of God – both those things which he has done contained in Scripture, and the things he has done for us, personally.  This is why journaling as a spiritual practice is such a good personal discipline because we have a record of the ways in which God has acted on our behalf.  Then, we can praise him all over again for what he has done.  And this will fortify our spiritual mettle for the times when we need encouragement.


            Praise the LORD!  You are a God worthy of adoration, for you have done mighty things.  Thank you for taking me from the ash heap of sin and raising me up with Christ so that I can experience the life that is truly life.  Amen.

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