Hebrews 7:1-10

            Typewriters have become obsolete.  The computer has now completely superseded them because the new technologies are vastly superior to the old aggressive punching of keys and use of whiteout.  Rotary phones are now only found in antique stores.  Cell phones, with their ease of mobility and multiples functions, are superior to the old.  When it comes to the book of Hebrews, the author comes from a variety of angles to demonstrate that Jesus is far superior to the old Levitical priesthood to the point of completely doing away with it.  In fact, Jesus is so great that he has a permanent priesthood that will never end.
            To bolster this approach, the writer of Hebrews goes to the example of the Old Testament figure of Melchizedek.  Mel was a priest and a king all rolled into one.  The greatest patriarch of all, Abraham, paid deference to him.  This is a typological look at Scripture, which simply means that Mel foreshadows Jesus – he is a type of Christ – a model of something better which is coming in the future.
            Since Jesus is better, superior, and has a permanence that will endure through the ages, he is worthy to receive all the glory, praise, honor, devotion, and commitment that we can give him.  Far too often, Christians place work, family, and hobbies at the center of their lives and expect Jesus to revolve around these, as if he is some cosmic Santa Claus who exists to give them what they want.  But the author of Hebrews will have none of this.  The situation must become flip-flopped in which Jesus is at the center and all the responsibilities and relationships of our lives revolve around him so that Christ speaks into everything as the rightful King of the Universe.  The book of Hebrews is a call to commitment.  It is a call to forsake the old obsolete life and embrace the superior new life in Christ.  How are you doing with this commitment?


            Lord Jesus, you are my great high priest and the Sovereign over all creation.  I belong to you, body, soul, and spirit.  I devote myself to you so that your majesty might be reflected in all I do and say.  Amen.

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