Luke 16:19-31

            Everyone looks for a miracle at some point in life, especially for family.  When we see relatives walking far from God or siblings living without much thought to the Jesus way, it can be disconcerting.  We may reason that if they could just experience or see some great miracle occur, then they will surely believe and embrace Christ. 
            Yet, Jesus’ parable to us of the rich man and Lazarus graphically depicts an important message:  God has already revealed himself to humanity through Moses and the Prophets (that is, the Old Testament).  If people are not convinced by what already exists and is, they will not respond when the miraculous slaps them in the face.
            Maybe we too often look for the dramatic because the mundane typically rules the day.  Perhaps what we are looking for is already present in God’s revelation to us.  It could be that the greatest task we have is not to beg for a miracle (even though there is nothing wrong with that!) but first to be quiet and listen to the Spirit of God speak through the Word of God so that our prayers to God arise in God’s way and God’s time.


            Mighty God, you have done miraculous things.  Help me to see what you have already done, and teach me to listen so that your revelation becomes alive to me.  Holy Spirit, impress the redemptive event of Christ’s resurrection on the hearts of all who do not know you in order that they might know your grace.  Amen.

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