Psalm 57

            One thing we all share about the human experience is that, sooner or later, someone or a group of people will let us down.  On top of that, many have experienced, or will experience, some sort of abuse and victimization from another person or group.  What is more, there are those who have even had their very lives at risk because someone sought them out to actually kill them.  That is the company that David found himself in when King Saul sought to do away with his life.
            To David’s credit, he never retaliated and did not try and turn the tables on Saul by putting a hit out on him.  Instead, David cried out to God.  And we get to listen in on the prayer.  Psalm 57 is David’s incredible praying reliance upon the God whom he put all his trust and praise. 
            One of the best things about the psalms is that they are a wonderful collection of prayers that we can adopt for our own.  Not only can we use them for ourselves, but we are obliged to do so.  If anyone has been in an adverse situation so deep that it feels like having ambled into a pride of lions, it is quite likely that the experience leaves one with no adequate words to say.  It’s as if you are paralyzed with fear.  So, let the psalm say for you what you cannot even begin to utter yourself.  The Word of God is not meant to sit on a coffee table or rest on a shelf; it is meant to be opened and used for prayer.  Allow it to do its intended purpose.
            Be merciful to me, O God, for in you my soul takes refuge.  Even though I feel the slash of people with tongues as swords, my heart is steadfast and will exalt your name above the heavens.  Let your glory be over all the earth!  Amen.

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