1 Chronicles 10:1-14

            The books of Samuel and Chronicles contain, for the most part, the same content and material concerning the kings of Israel and Judah. Yet, whereas 1 & 2 Samuel gives a more straightforward narrative, 1 & 2 Chronicles often provides the narrative with explanatory comments.  So, we have such a story in today’s Old Testament lesson.  The last chapter of 1 Samuel gives an account of King Saul’s death, along with his sons.  However, in 1 Chronicles 10, we get the narration of their deaths along with a clear concise note on why King Saul perished in battle:
“So, Saul died for his breach of faith.  He broke faith with the LORD in that he did not keep the command of the LORD, and also consulted a medium, seeking guidance.  He did not seek guidance from the LORD.  Therefore the LORD put him to death and turned the kingdom over to David the son of Jesse” (ESV).
            The original compiler of Chronicles did so for the Jewish exiles who were returning to Palestine.  He did not want to simply recount the important stories of the kings of Israel; he wanted the exiles to know exactly why they went into exile to begin with, and how in the future they could keep it from happening again.  So, Saul served as Exhibit A of the kind of person that erodes the true worship of God and lives against the grain of faithfulness to the Lord.
            The true measure of a person of God is not in titles, positions, or membership.  The real test of a God-follower is being faithful to the revealed will of God contained in Holy Scripture.  Thus, to read it, know it, and live it is one of our highest callings as God’s people.
            Eternal God, you remain the same throughout the ages of time.  Help me to be faithful to your standard of righteousness and live faithfully into the ways of Jesus, my Lord.  Amen.

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