Psalm 20

            At times the connection between our present situation and the past biblical historical context is readily apparent and sometimes it is not so clear.  In the crucible of life and the struggles of daily living we might too quickly pass over the grace, relevance, and truth of God’s Word to us.  In order to unite a bit more deeply with today’s Scripture, I offer this contemporary rendering of Psalm 20:
May the LORD answer you in the stress of your life!
            May the name of the God of all time protect you!
May he send you help from his holy place
            and give you support from heaven itself!
May he remember all you have given for him
            and be pleased with everything you have sacrificed on his behalf!
May he give to you your heart’s deep longing
            and carry out every good plan you conceive!
May we shout for joy when you overcome such incredible pressure,
            and in the name of our God throw a big party!
May the LORD bring to fruition every one of your prayers!
Now I know that the LORD delivers his people;
            he will answer them from his holy heaven
            with the full force of his saving power.
Some trust in military might and some in financial security,
            but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.
They collapse and fall,
            but we get up and stand with confidence.
O LORD, save us all!


            May he answer us when we call.

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