Mark 16:1-8

           “Who will roll away the stone for us from the entrance of the tomb?”  So asked the three women on Resurrection Sunday when they came to anoint Jesus’ dead body.  But they did not find a dead body.  He was not there – he was risen!
            I sometimes find myself asking the same kind of question that the women were asking each other.  Who will move this huge object (or objection!) to church revitalization?  How can I get to Jesus so that I can do something for him?  Who will take care of the immovable obstacles that stand in my way?  These are questions born more of a small faith and a limited understanding of God than of knowing his great power.
            The women were not expecting a risen Lord.  They did not anticipate that their question would end up being completely irrelevant.  Maybe as believers and lovers of Jesus we are asking the wrong kind of questions.  Perhaps we are not grasping what God’s power has already accomplished and/or what God already has up his sleeve.  It could just be that all we really need to realize is that God is going before us, clearing all impediments so that people can see and experience the risen Christ.  Methinks our expectations are far too low for a God who has the power and will to raise people from death. 
            The way has been opened to a new and vital relationship with the Lord Christ because the stone is rolled away and Jesus is alive.  We can now encounter and explore a fresh reality with Jesus as the Author and Pioneer of our faith.  We need only listen and follow him and leave the moving of big rocks to God.
            Mighty God, I not only recognize your power but trust in it for my entire life’s work and activity.  Help me to trust you so fully that I can be an eyewitness to your mighty works among your people.  Amen.

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