Psalm 100

            A good deal of the Christian life is a continual renovation of the mind and a transformation of the heart.  It doesn’t just happen; a changed attitude and orientation to life occurs through the simple daily practices of infusing oneself with Holy Scripture in many different ways.  Just as most things in life need to have attention and careful maintenance, so our souls need ongoing work lest they devolve into disillusioned outlooks.  The psalms are ideal for such a life-makeover.
            Saying and quoting this psalm on a regular basis will alter our attitude and orientation toward life in general.  This is a psalm that really needs to be as familiar to Christians as putting on our shoes every day.  In fact, keeping a Bible by your bedside at all times is a good thing.  Once you awake in the morning, and/or go to bed at night, let Psalm 100 shape your thoughts by saying it aloud.  Maybe even say it several times.  After all, it takes less than a minute to read it so let’s not go down the road of saying we are too busy for such a thing.
            Knowing that the Lord is the sovereign God over us; entering the day with thanksgiving to God; remembering that God is good, all the time; and, believing that God’s faithfulness is constant and eternal are the theological underpinnings for serving the Lord with gladness, instead of serving oneself with grumpiness.


            Loving God, I come into your presence with gratitude and singing.  You are the great God and your steadfast love endures forever.  May your gracious works and constant faithfulness be with me today in all that I do; through Jesus Christ, my Lord.  Amen.

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