Psalm 99

            The Revised Common Lectionary daily scripture texts are arranged in such a way as to illuminate the significance of the Sunday readings, to encourage an overall reading of the Bible over the span of the year, and to provide a solid foundation for prayer.  Thus, the three days of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are designed to reflect on the previous Sunday; the three days of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are meant to anticipate and prepare for the coming Sunday.  One psalm is used in the first three days for reflection; and, one psalm is used in the last three days for preparation.
            Today’s psalm is designed to help us prepare for Transfiguration Sunday in which we recognize and celebrate our Lord Christ’s bright glory on the mountain in the presence of three disciples.  The pinnacle of the event was God the Father enveloping them all, including Moses and Elijah, in a cloud and speaking to them.  Psalm 99 is meant for praise.  It connects us with the pillar of cloud that occurred when the Israelites came out of Egypt to the cloud that descended on the Mount of Transfiguration.
            Just as God spoke and gave his commandments to Moses in the Old Testament, so he has spoken in these last times through his Son, Jesus.  Christ is the fulfillment of all God’s good promises.  Think of these next few days as taking a pilgrimage to the mountain where we will meet with God.  Sing songs of praise.  Read Psalm 99 over several times in a spirit of worship and anticipation.  Orient your heart around Jesus, and be ready to listen to him.  For the Lord Jesus Christ has come to be our hope, our trust, and our life.


            Lord God Almighty, I exalt you and praise your holy name for you have done mighty things.  Speak, Lord, for I am listening to your voice, and I am attentive to the words of your Son, Jesus.  Spirit of God, illumine my mind and my heart to receive what you have to say to me.  Amen.

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